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  • In-store access to your branded club apparel at discounted team prices
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  • No need for managers/coaches to "organize" team orders, just send your members to the store to purchase their track suits, backpacks, shorts or socks. Add names, numbers or initials to your gear
We do our best to stock essential gear at peak times throughout the season, and our team sales staff is always ready to help out with any other team needs.

St.Albert Impact Price List 

 ** Be advised the miTeam Squadra  shorts and miTeam18 pants are custom designed items.  We do what we can to keep these items in stock during the peak seasons, but re-orders take a min 45-60 days to receive.  Some delays may occur.

UPDATE: miteam shorts are expected to restock late march

Due to on going issues in China, all product from Adidas global (miteam) has been delayed


** in the event of a price discrepency, the in-store/computer system price will be considered acurate

Effective close on December 24, 2019 the Kicks location at North Town mall has closed it's doors.

We have the St.Albert clubwear available at the Kicks Heritage Village location for at once purchasing. 

Look for a new website to launch in 2020 with retail sales on-line!

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